Ingrasys AI Server Lighthouse Factory

The Taoyuan Nanqing Factory of Ingrasys adopted the Cupola360 smart patrol solution, enabling real-time immersive remote management. Recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the world’s first AI server Lighthouse Factory, this facility demonstrates a successful role model of Cupola360 technology and marks a major milestone in proving remote patrolling and operational excellences within the manufacturing industry by upleveling traditional CCTVs.

The smart patrol technologies utilize Cupola360 panoramic on-chip stitching technology to conduct immersive remote patrol with different 360-degree cameras to ensure extensive live coverage without blind spots for thorough monitoring. This feature empowers factory managers and their customers to conduct a comprehensive immersive tour without the need to travel and physically enter the production line. Enhanced with extensible third-party AI-powered analytics, the solution delivers real-time insights to identify anomalies and potential security threats, triggering immediate automated situation awareness for swift and effective responses by factory management.

Remote patrolling

With Cupola360, remotely monitor and manage your factory operations in real-time. Navigate through camera paths with key real-time production numbers displayed, gaining instant and immersive visibility into any situation. Witness on-site activities with enhanced clarity, saving valuable time on physical entry and maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The mini-map at the bottom-left enhances spatial awareness, offering better visualization of your location.

Tour Guide

Transform your factory tours with Cupola360. Keep customers outside of the factory, avoiding interruptions to fab operations, by providing an immersive and comfortable tour experience. Clearly showcase your production line's unique strengths even with plug-in multimedia information. Ideal for factory tours, remote audits, and a range of other applications.

People Counting

Our system utilizes advanced person detection and counting algorithms to monitor designated areas. When the number of individuals exceeds the predefined limit, you'll receive prompt notifications. But that's not all – you'll also get notifications when the alert is resolved, ensuring timely response and effective management of crowd control measures.

Management System

Distinguishing itself from other solutions, Cupola360 offers an open platform for expandable AI features. You have the flexibility to develop your own AI or integrate third-party AI solutions. With the ability to enable and disable various AI features, as well as customize camera settings and AI parameters, you can tailor your surveillance system to meet your specific needs.

Playback System

Cupola360 not only enables easy extraction of crime scene footage by replaying recorded 360-degree videos but also offers the flexibility to enable or disable AI results while doing playback. If the AI result falls short of expectations, you can plug in other AI models to verify results or detect events more accurately.