Automation Taipei

In exhibitions, Cupola360 Panoramic Cameras create an unprecedented exhibition experience for participants with the advantages of real-time panoramic videos with zero blind spots. Cupola360 Panoramic Cameras not only eliminate the limitations of geographical distance, making remote participation in exhibitions possible, but they also capture real-time on-site activities in a 360-degree panoramic manner. This allows viewers to freely switch viewing angles and gain a deeper understanding of the exhibits of interest. This not only enhances visitor interactivity but also provides the freedom to explore the exhibition area, elevating the immersive on-site and online exhibition experience.

Furthermore, with the assistance of the real-time floor plan at the bottom left of the screen, visitors can clearly understand their location and available viewing angles. They can easily switch between different cameras to freely roam the entire exhibition area. By integrating AI recognition capabilities, the names and features of exhibited products are instantly presented, enabling visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the exhibition content. This promotes interaction between visitors and exhibitors, helping exhibitors increase exposure and further enhancing the effectiveness of the exhibition.